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Who we are

The world is witnessing a Digital era like never before. Digital transformation is disrupting businesses all over the world across all sectors.It has become very imperative for all sorts of businesses ranging from small to enterprises. But, still, many of the firms do not have any real touch or understanding of what digital transformation is and the value that can be added to the organisation by adopting it. Realising the same, we, a group of IT professionals with entrepreneurial spirit, having a strong experience of industry aim to help all those small businesses and enterprises, who are missing out on a lot.

What we do

We work as a strategic partner with our clients to serve them innovative solutions that help manage business process. We focus on robust, scalable and reliable software solutions that are aimed to increase efficiency. With the help of state-of-the-art technologies following the norms of industry 4.0, we present productive solutions best suited to clients needs. Our skills include Java, NodeJS, React, React native, PHP, Android etc.

Reliable & Trust

AlkaTech Solutions believe in building and maintaining long term relationships with all our clients and keep our clients ahead in their business with latest trends in technology and quality.


AlkaTech Solutions endeavour to offer you the best solutions beyond expectation in order to acquire your maximum satisfaction. We're offering effective software development, DevOps and many more Tech solutions.


AlkaTech Solutions provided best plus affordable tech solution services to small business as well as establish business. We want to be your one stop source for all your tech need to your business, at an affordable price.

Solutions For Startups, Establish Businesses and also to Non-IT Businesses

We completely understand your business category and create a design find best solutions, which is according to your business requirements and lets you stand apart from the crowd.
Our teams are admired globally to make amazing designs and develop that can fulfill your requirements and expectations of having a unique brand recognition and identity.


Services We Provide

Backing the adoption of technology to enhance the efficiency of small business and establish business.

Team Members

We are a team made up of qualified, experienced, and dedicated professionals.
Our team of committed and dedicated professionals is always at service.
We believe in team work, hence have an environment filled with integrity
and honesty that makes it possible to excel everyone at the best of their talents.

Gaurav Srivatava

Founder, Tech Lead

Aditya Sharma

Business Analyst

Rishu Kumar

Sales Executive

Business Team


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